Myloview – Children’s Mural Review

Last month, in fact, Christmas Eve to be exact, FedEx knocked at my door with a lovely parcel from a company called, Myloview. are a contemporary wall art company who specialise in;

The site allows you to browse a huge library of modern and contemporary images which are, quite frankly, stunning! The site is sectioned in room designs so there are lots of images, amazing photography and designs that are available to transform  your home and your business.

After much deliberating, I saught advice from my son, Luca. He opted for the Wall Mural Seamless City Background. I know exactly why he chose this mural; it’s bright, funky and a little bit ‘out there’, which is exactly how his bedroom is. Luca also loved the little cat sat on the chimney as it reminds him of a cat that visits him on our garden.

When placing your mural order, you can choose between different types – we went for a self-adhesive option. You can also choose additional effects and the correct sizing for whichever space you have to fill.  As many of my readers will already know, my other half is useless at DIY and he will openly admit that he would definitely prefer to pay someone to complete jobs around the house. So being given the opportunity to transform a room with an easy-peel mural is exactly what we needed. In fact, I may cover the whole house in these, hah!

My hubby measured the space available on the wall, ready to line up the two sides to the complete mural, and then began to peel the mural away from its backing paper whilst rubbing away any of the bubbles and lines. The only job my hubby had was to measure and what did he do…..yes, the light switch got in the way *apparently* so we just had to cut around this slightly. Although the mural paper is thick and of a very good quality, it was very easy to cut (phew).  We absolutely love this mural, it has made such a difference to my son’s room and he was over the moon with it. Everyone who has visited us or come over to play with Luca have commented on how cool this is and asked where they can get one from.

So in summary, it’s a huge hit! IMG_1632

To view the full range of products then please visit Worldwide shopping is available and is very fast and efficient.

If you hurry, you can receive 30% off your order with the following code: SALE30. This offer ends 18th January 2016.


*I was sent this mural for the purpose of this review, all views are my own*

Scholl Foot Products Review – Happy Feet

Yes, I have to admit it, we are family who neglect our feet and I for one am the world’s worst. I have worn high (6inch) heels for as long as I can remember so my feet are not in a good way. They are continually achy and sore and I often have to deal with dry and cracked heels, so when we were offered some quality footcare products from Scholl, a brand in which I trust, we jumped at the chance.

Scholl Fresh Step Shoe Spray

My hubby’s gym bag and in particular, his gym shoes, smell utterly horrendous when he returns from the gym. They usually get thrown in the washing machine but soon after a gym session they stink the house out again – so this spray is CERTAINLY a welcome addition to his gym bag!

 This product is very easy to use, just spray directly into the shoe to eliminate the odour. You can spray this product before or after wear but you must leave to dry a little,  which should keep your shoe odourless for 24 hours.

 I didn’t intend to use this on my toddler’s trainers, but unfortunately we had a potty training incident which meant my son’s trainers had to go in the washing machine. When they dried, they still had a slight odour, so I sprayed a little of this into his trainers. The smell of this spray is very pleasant, subtle and not too overbearing.

Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream

I am in desperate need of a pedicure so the foot model on this occasion was my hubby – ha ha. Once again the smell of this product was very fresh and not overpowering at all.

My hubby recently re-joined the gym so his feet have been in need of some moisture and hydration too. The cream was very rich but soon sinks into your skin leaving them very soft and smooth. I would love this cream for my hands too as I can smell it on my feet now and love it!

As a family, we need to keep our feet happy and healthy so I am delighted to say these products have helped make this happen!

For more information about  Dry Feet or any of the products featured then please visit, Scholl.

If you would like the chance to #WIN both products featured within this review then please comment ‘Scholl’ below. Best of luck!

*I was sent all Scholl products for purpose of this review, all views are my own*

The Stain Really Has Vanished

As many of my readers will already know, we like to keep a tidy house. My hubby more so, in fact you could say he has a rather ‘OCD’ approach when it comes to cleaning. Yep, he loves it.

So being the clean freaks we are, I have to say we appreciate any product which is antibacterial – but then anything that removes stains is an absolute God send in this house, especially when you have a toddler around.

So when we were given the opportunity by Vanish to review some of their products, we knew this was going to be our kind of fun!   I have to admit that initially I had my doubts. I know how difficult it is to keep a toddler’s wardrobe free from marks and stains so I was rather dubious as to whether Vanish could really make the stains actually vanish! The day after the products arrived, my son, by means of some sort of convenient/inconvenient method of sixth sense, proceeded to smear chocolate ice-cream all over his shirt and shorts. I looked on with horror as we were miles from home so I was unable to pre-soak the material.
So when I returned home, I whipped out the Vanish Gold Powergel (pre-treat stain remover), rubbed and rolled and left the gel on my son’s clothes for a couple of minutes before they were thrown in the washing machine. I didn’t hold great hope to be honest, I have become accustomed to throwing out my son’s stain covered clothes or demoting them to ‘messy activity’ clothes (which had made up 90% of his entire wardrobe).

 So I opened the washing machine in preparation for, ‘oh well, we tried I suppose’ but to my amazement there were absolutely NO STAINS visible. This product really does what it claims to do, the stain has literally vanished! 

   So my next mission is to work my way through the house, which includes my carpet, my son’s wardrobe and my car seats to see if the rest of this fab Vanish range is as good as this product. Wish me luck!

For more information about Stain Removal or any of the products featured, then please visit the Vanish website.

If you would like the chance to #WIN all four products featured within this review then please comment ‘Vanish’ below. Best of luck!

*I was sent all Vanish products for purpose of this review, all views are my own*


Binky Bear Gift Set Review

Last month I was contacted by Liz and Moira at Binky Bear in relation to their Gift Set – Binky Goes To London. My son, Luca, loves reading and is also a huge fan of teddy bears so we couldn’t wait to meet Binky and welcome him into our home. Binky arrived in a colourful gift bag along with his own little book, Binky Goes to London.



And here is the beginning of our little adventure.

Below, Binky is helping my son, Luca, build a sandcastle in the garden today. We had lots of fun and Luca wouldn’t let Binky out of his sight.


Binky is hogging the slide. (Luca isn’t getting a look in!)


We are getting ready for bedtime and Luca is telling me Binky is tired and he wants to put him to bed. As you can see from the pics, Luca is putting his new friend to bed with his dummy – cute or what?




Now it’s time to read ‘Binky goes to London’ to Luca (and Binky). Luca loves the book and finds the pictures fascinating. The story details Binky’s trip to London, how he wants to meet the queen for tea and meets a few friends along the way.image

Here are a few of our favourite pictures from the book, I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


The RRP for this set is £22.00 which I think is, unfortunately, a little bit over my budget for this type of product. If I was searching for a book with a toy – whether this would be for my son or as a gift – I would probably search for gifts under £20.00. I would imagine that £19.99 would appeal to a wider audience.

In summary, we love Binky and he is most definitely part of the family. The whole concept of the story is great because you and your child could literally follow in Binky’s footsteps and take a tour round your local town and go on your own little adventure.

An immaculate and magical little set 🙂

For more information about Binky, visit: Binky Bear

We were sent the Binky Bear Gift set to review. All views are my own.

Bennetts For Babies Skincare Range

Last month I was contacted by Bennetts in relation to their baby skincare range. My contact at Bennetts explained the benefits of their product range and asked would this be of interest to me and my family. At the time my son, Luca, had a few dry patches on his elbows and also on the back of his knees, along with a slight rough texture to his forearms, so we were delighted to sample the product range. We had a large number of products to choose from but we opted for the following (below) as we felt these were the most suitable for our family.


The Travel Buddy is a fab handy pack that can be used ‘on the go’. In fact we actually leave this pack in the family car as it’s really useful for the school run. We use the wipes for the “snot and sneeze face” that you are never quite prepared for, and the inevitable toothpaste stain on your child’s shirt. The Bum Cream is also very handy and I often leave this pack in my son’s nursery bag for the times when he wakes up with nappy rash. This is a much better solution than sending a full tub of cream which usually ends up misplaced at nursery. Its a fab little portable pack then can be used on the go.


We also opted for the fragrance-free Aqueous Bath Drops, and added a few drops to Luca’s bath. His skin felt absolutely amazing afterwards so I also added a few drops to my bath – and my skin also felt lovely and smooth.


The third item we chose from Bennetts product range was the Baby Aqueous Cream. This cream was also fragrance free and was very easy to apply. I applied the cream to dry patches on my son’s skin over the course of a month and I have seen a great improvement. I wish these products would have been made available to me sooner! Both my hubby and I also have very dry, cracked hands – so we also applied this whenever they felt particularly dry, which has made a huge difference to the both of us and most definitely stopped any further cracking of our skin.

A very good set of products which I would highly recommend.

Travel Buddy RRP – £4.99

Baby Aqueous Cream (Fragrance Free) – £3.99

Aqueous Bath Drops – £3.99

These products were sent to me to review from Bennetts and all views are my own.

#BakerDays – Letterbox Valentines Cake

Yes, I don’t mind admitting it, I have a huge cake habit. In fact my diet usually consist of 50% cake and 50% meals with the family. Cake has been a great friend to me, especially when I stopped smoking over 3 years ago… it has almost become a substitute for me. I am very particular about the cake I purchase, much to the annoyance of my husband and experiencing bad cake this will often to lead to a bad day.
Then along comes the request from Baker Days to review their letterbox sized Valentines Cake, so what did I do? I jumped at the chance and yelled “eeeeeek CAKE!”. I also took this opportunity to inform my husband, “take note, this is something you should do for me on all occasions, you would most definitely be my good books” ha ha.

(Incidentally, he still hasn’t appeared to have processed this information).

Anyway, I logged into and found an extensive range of Valentines Day designs to choose from, along with the following options to select your cake of choice: Sponge Cake, Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake – made only with Belgian Chocolate, Fruit Cake, Gluten Wheat Free Cake and Dairy Free cakes. I opted for the Sponge Cake but I would also like to try the Choc Chip Sponge cake (*another futile hint to hubby*).

My letterbox cake arrived safely and securely in a very sturdy cardboard box. I must admit I was very dubious of whether a cardboard package would adequately protect my precious cargo from damage – but the gorgeous blue cake tin allowed for extra protection and so, with much excitement, I opened the box; letting out a little squeal as I reveled in my little party for one.

#bakerdays cake box delivery
#bakerdays cake box delivery

Not only was there cake, there were also 2 candles, a small card, balloons and a party whistle. I was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait to tuck into the cake, it was SO appealing. As you can see, the cake design is amazing, with gorgeous cute birds (I chose this particular style/design as it reminded me of Twitter, another passion of mine) but the personal touch (with my name added) also made it feel very special. Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

The husband was working overseas when the cake arrived, which meant the majority of this bundle of joy was all mine (bar the sliver I allowed my son to sample). Seeing as he was my first-born, he was also allowed to briefly pick at some of my icing, which we both loved. The cake tasted AMAZING, it was lovely and light with a little cream on the underneath and the icing just melted in your mouth. This cake came at just the right time, as my hubby was away, the toddler was put to bed, I put the kettle on and devoured a slice each night. This cake definitely made me one happy Mummy that week.

Letterbox Gift Cake £14.99 RRP 3-4 portions 5 inch cakes (12cm x 2.5cm)

Letterbox Gift Cake £14.99 RRP
3-4 portions 5 inch cakes (12cm x 2.5cm)

Hubby, if you are reading this please remember how much I love cake. Please see my earlier cake-related hints and heed the following statement which I have said to you on many occasions, “Who wants flowers when you can have cake?”

(I won’t hold my breath). 

Please also note that personalised birthday cakes can be ordered along with individual cup cakes, see links below:

All I can say is, Bakerdays, welcome to the family! 🙂
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Like most people of my generation, the very mention of Angel Delight stirs memories of childhood and general meal-time nostalgia. In our house, it was strawberry flavour (on the rare occasions that my brother and I were actually well-behaved enough to receive dessert)!
Angel Delight

Flash forward 25 years *cough cough* – NO i’m not that old before you ask! and it was when my toddler decided he didn’t want to drink milk so my partner and I were thinking of ingenious ways of how to introduce milk into his diet. We decided to rekindle our love of Angel Delight in the hope my son would look on and think, “what is that yummy dessert Mummy and Daddy are eating. I want some!”. This is where I decided on the stawberry flavour for my son, Luca. I placed a few blueberries in the pot, poured over the strawberry #angeldelight and then popped a couple more on top. To my amazement, my son loved it and he now asks for, “pink pots” when he has finished his dinner.

My second, and favourite of all creations is the #Angeldelight butterscotch banana cheesecakes. I crushed some ginger nuts biscuits for the base of the dessert, poured on the butterscotch Angel Delight then layered sliced banana and then sprinkled some more ginger nut crumbs on top (for decoration). I have also used digestive biscuits in the past.
photo 2

Both my son and hubby were so excited to try the desserts and to my amazement, loved both of them. Approximately 5 minutes later, I was handed the empty bowls and asked immediately for more. My cupboard will always be stocked with our beloved Angel Delight, not only because it tastes scrummy but the ease of which we can put together a quick dessert, that appeals to my whole family.

This will always mean that Angel Delight will most definitely be part of our family 🙂

Join in and discover more here:

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