Real Baking – Cake Pop Kit and Great Baking Set

We were kindly provided with a great box of goodies from Vivid which contained some fab items from their Real Baking range . My son and I were super excited and couldn’t wait to try out these products.



Contains the following:

Icing nozzle and ring

1 x small bowl, 1 x large bowl, 1 x bowl suction base

16 cupcake cases

3 x measuring scoops

4 x piping bags

1 x egg cracker

1 x silicone baking tray

We decided to use this Cupcake Recipe as the mixture contained yogurt and I was intrigued to see how the finished product would look (and taste).

We weighed out all the ingredients, including the flour and sugar. We used the funky bowls provided in the box, together with the lovely little measuring spoons, which my son enjoyed using. Obviously half of the ingredients were lost/thrown across the table and floor, so I did have to intervene at certain stages.

Then onto the best part. My son took great pleasure in cracking 3 eggs using this brilliant egg cracker. As he is only just 4 years old, he struggled to place the egg into the contraption – so I did help him – but he pressed the top down and, hey-presto, the egg deployed into the tray, minus the shell!

As you can see from the image below, there is a clear removable tray at the bottom that you can take off, thus allowing you to pour the egg into your bowl. We did crack 2/3 eggs into the tray before removing to pour, which did cause some leakage around the sides, so this may only be suitable to hold 1-2 large eggs.

Once the eggs and all the other ingredients had combined, the cupcake mixture was ready to be poured into the lovely little silicone moulds and cupcake casings (also provided with the kit). The image below shows my son using spoons from the Great Baking Set to attempt to get the mixture into the little cases. As you can see, it did get a little messy, but it’s all part of the fun.

We placed the silicone mould in the oven together with some other large cupcakes we prepared, as the recipe allowed us to make around 8 large cupcakes (and four for my son with his little kit).

Once the cupcakes had been in the oven for the allotted time, we removed and cooled before decorating. To decorate, we used a bain-marie to melt some good quality chocolate, poured this into the piping bags provided with nozzle attached and this was the result….How cute are these? My son loved them!

As with some of this particular range, it would have benefited from a recipe card, especially as the size of the cupcakes were for little hands, so I wasn’t too sure of the quantity of ingredients required – or the time needed in the oven  -so I just winged it, but we were very happy with the results.

The Great Baking Set RRP is £19.99 – which I think is a great, affordable price!

Whether you are purchasing this set for your own child as a treat so you can bake together, or as a great and affordable gift for a child’s birthday or Christmas present, it is a great value and fun product.




The box contains the following:

2 x silicone mould trays

1 x mini doughnut mould

2 x cone moulds

12 x lollipop sticks
For the cake pop and doughnut mix, we used the cupcake recipe as above. My son spooned out the mixture into the cake pop silicone mould (bottom half). The top of the cake pop mould has small holes in so when you seal the two together to bake it allows the cake to rise, but still create the desired shape and size for the cake pop/ball.

We then placed the cake mixture into the doughnut mould, (okay so it doesn’t look that pretty at first as my son had his sticky mitts all over it) and I levelled it off slightly as you want to see the shape of the doughnut moulds when cooked.

Out they came from the oven. Due the moulds being silicone, once they had cooled they were very easy to pop out. It was very satisfying removing these little cuties from the moulds and my son and I couldn’t wait to decorate them.

Once again I used a bain-marie to melt some quality dark chocolate. First you need to dip the sticks into a little of the melted chocolate before placing the cake pop onto the stick, which allows the chocolate to cool and stick to the cake. Once both the stick and cake are attached, the fun part starts.

We dipped some of the cake pops in dark chocolate, and we used icing for a couple of the other cake pops, but you could also try white chocolate or other such toppings. We then dipped these in a plate of sprinkles, but again, you could try a number of toppings such as coconut flakes, crushed cornflakes (my son’s favourite) or even edible silver balls or decorations for special occasions. We did the same method (minus the sticks) with the doughnuts and were very happy with the results.

The Cake Pop Kit RRP for this item is £9.99 which is an affordable price for both a treat or a gift.

This kit was a firm favourite in my house and I would definitely say we had lots of fun making these, but again, the box would definitely benefit from a recipe card. Nonetheless, we all really loved the outcome and it has definitely spurred me on to make these on a larger scale for parties and special occasions.

Disclaimer: I forgot to add 100g of ground almond to the cupcake recipe which meant both the cupcakes and cakepops tasted like greasy whipped egg (my fault!). However, on the plus side, Luca and I enjoyed licking the toppings off all the cakes. Note to self; read the recipe thoroughly next time…..hahah.

If you like the my post and the products reviewed in this range, you may also want to take a look at my earlier post which contains a review of the Real Baking Cookie Kit and Chocolate Pen.


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review, all views are my own.







Real Baking – Cookie Kit and Chocolate Pen

We were kindly provided with a great box of goodies from Vivid which contained some fab items from their Real Baking range . My son and I were super excited and didn’t know what to try out first!


Contains the following:

14 x cookie cutters in some great designs

1 x rolling pin

1 x dough holder

1 x silicone baking sheet

1 x piping bag

We made a simple cookie dough mix but halved the ingredients as we weren’t going to make as many as the recipe stated, plus we added 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon for our own taste. In hindsight, we probably could have bought a pre-made cookie mix to save time, however I am always worried that the packet mix might be a little dry – although I’m sure my son wouldn’t mind.

It was all the about rolling the dough and, in his words, ‘squishing out the shapes’. It would have been great to have included a recipe in the box or, better still, a cookie dough mix – but nonetheless, this product is still fab!

We rolled out the dough using the guide and rolling pin to ensure it was perfectly level and ready for the cutters.

As you can see, these weren’t the neatest of cut-outs but my son enjoyed it all the same. We decided to try a couple of plain shapes and few with cut-outs using the smaller cuts inside the bigger ones, which allowed us to pop a small part of a boiled sweet in the middle which (fingers crossed) would create a stained glass window effect on the cookie.

The instructions also suggested making a 3D effect cookie by using the smaller and larger cut-outs and stacking them on top of each other. Maybe we will try that next time!

As the silicone baking tray is only small, it was great for my son. I simply placed the rest of the biscuits we cut from the dough onto a baking tray to allow room for the biscuits to spread whilst baking.

We baked the cookies for approx. 12-15 minutes, 170c or gas mark in the oven and voila! We were really pleased with how the cookies turned out and they tasted delicious. The smell from the oven reminded me of Christmas.


The Real Baking Cookie Kit RRP is £14.99 – which I think is a great, affordable price!

Whether you are purchasing this kit for your own child as a treat so you can bake together, or as a great and affordable gift for a child’s birthday or Christmas present, it is a great value and fun product.


The box contains the following:

1 x chocolate pen (batteries not included, 2 x AAAs)

3 x plastic moulds trays (totalling 50 different designs)

4 x nozzles, caps and clamps

12 x bags for chocolate

The box doesnt contain any chocolate for you to start with but obviously chocolate is a perishable item, so of course you wouldn’t expect any. We were kindly provided with some Divine chocolate to get us started and, as you can see, my son had his little mits on it before we had time to melt it!

You need to ensure the chocolate is chopped into a small pieces first, (and maybe chocolate drops or buttons would be easier) so that you can add into the small plastic bags and  melt in a bowl of hot tap water. Before doing so, you need to attach one of the nozzles with the clasps provided, ready to load into the pen.

In the meantime, place the batteries in the pen. If they are placed in correctly you can press the brown button on the side of the pen and you will hear the motor whirring – so you know it’s ready to load the chocolate sachet. Once the sachet is loaded, you are ready to go. As you can see from the pictures below, my son was having great fun playing with this pen, making a mess and practising writing his name on the biscuits.

The RRP for this item is £19.99 which again is an affordable price for both a treat or a gift. However, I would state that maybe my son was a little too young for this as the process of melting, clipping and clamping then loading the pen was a little tricky for him. Perhaps an older child could benefit from the design and writing aspects.

We are going to use the moulds on our next #RealBaking challenge so watch this space!


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review, all views are my own.








Take Back The Kitchen – Little Kitchen

We’re all aware of the perfect family mealtime image. As parents, it’s practically ingrained in us that we should all sit down at the dining table, share a wholesome family meal and quietly discuss our day together. In reality, this couldn’t be any further from the truth for 99.9% of the entire population. We work long hours, we eat different meals and we do our best to discuss the important parts of our day, as-and-when we happen to be in the same room at the same time.

 So when Wren Kitchens spoke, I decided I would happily accept their challenge:

– To take back the kitchen by creating  a ‘Little Kitchenwith big ideas.

We were kindly provided with a goodie bag to help get us started along with a fab Little Kitchen Big Ideas book.

We set to work and created a menu, we wrote out the shopping list and had great fun creating our pop-up café signs. Off we went to the shops, collected the necessary ingredients and both my son and I were very keen to get get started. We even wrote on our aprons so that there was no doubts that my son was the Head Chef… he loved his little apron.

We decided on Wholemeal Pitta Pizzas as they are fun to make and a healthy, wholesome alternative to your traditional takeaway pizza – lets face it, who doesn’t like pizza!

The ingredients we used were very simple and tasty:

6 Wholemeal Pittas

Both mature and mild cheese (grated)

Tomato paste

Toppings: sweetcorn, ham, peppers, mushrooms and pineapple


My son was most definitely taking his role as head chef very seriously, he started off with the tomato paste and then decided he wanted some without tomato and was adamant it would taste better.


He loves, ham, sweetcorn and pineapple so they were his preferences, he wasn’t keen to add any mushrooms to his; whereas I love them – and peppers.


Once we had added all the toppings (and some lost on the floor, which is to be expected when you had a hyper 4 year old), we popped the pizza pittas under the grill for approximately 5-10 minutes until golden brown. My son kept popping his head in saying, “are they ready yet, Mummy!?”.

Once they were ready, we placed them onto to a cooling tray before serving. My son was excited to see his creations come out of the oven and even more excited to taste them, as was I, and boy did they not disappoint. They were so tasty, crispy around the edges and, whats more, they are so much better for the whole family than tradional frozen or takeaway pizzas. A massive favourite in my house and we will definitely be doing these again.

On to to dessert…. I asked my son to pick out a dessert from the fantastic ‘Little Kitchen Big Ideas‘ book and he was immediately drawn to the fruit skewers.

The fruit skewer ingredients we chose were;

Pineapple, apple, blueberries, mango and grapes

The chocolate dipping sauce was made with dark chocolate, a tablespoon of coconut oil (I use this for pretty much all of my cooking) and a good squeeze of honey.

The second dip we chose was a yummy coconut yoghurt.


It was great to see my son handling all the fruit in its raw form, chopping up the pieces carefully with a knife (and with my assistance of course) together with funky shape cutters that we were kindly provided with. We had such a fun time threading the skewers, it took him a little time to get to grips with the fruit and skewers but he mastered it in the end without poking himself in the finger.


As you can see, there was a lot of mess, particularly during the sampling of the chocolate sauce (all over his face), but they tasted absolutely delicious. Such an amazing, fun idea to try with your family and the dipping sauces were a massive hit.

I can’t tell you have much fun we had completing the challenge and bringing a ‘pop-up café’ to our home but this is something that we plan to do on a regular basis because not only was the food tasty, healthy and lots of fun to make but the day was filled with lots of fun crafts creating our little café. So go ahead, download the free booklet, check out some ideas and give it a go!

*I was sent this pack from Wren Kitchens for the purpose of this review, all views are my own*








Mission Deli Wrap Recipe Challenge

 The “Inner Cirkle” have spoken and I have accepted my mission:

– To use a Mission Deli Super Soft Wrap in a creative way.

So behold my own recipe for ‘Tacmosas’! Basically a self-styled mash-up of tacos and samosas. I thought it sounded better than ‘Sacos’ 🙂

Mission Deli Wrap Challenge Ingredients
Mission Deli Wrap Challenge Ingredients


6 x Super Soft Mini Mission Deli wraps

500g Lean steak mince

1 x level tsp ground cumin

1 level tsp ground coriander

1 x level tsp ground turmeric

1/2 tsp chopped garlic

1 tsp of tomato puree

1 x pinch of crushed red chilli

150g of frozen peas

50g tinned sweetcorn

1 x British white potato – peeled and diced

1 x egg (to glaze and stick during baking)


Using a non-stick pan, heat the pan on high and add the lean steak mince (no oil) and dry fry for a couple of minutes (until the juices are clear). Next, add the spices (cumin, coriander, red chilli flakes, turmeric and garlic) and allow the steak mince to absorb the spice, and stir well. Then add the frozen peas, sweetcorn and cooked diced potato and cook for a further 5 minutes on a high heat to ensure the peas are softened, before adding the mixture. Look out for everything beginning to crisp whilst also ensuring the mince is thoroughly cooked through.

Dry fry ingredients

Your mixture is then ready to transfer to a bowl in preparation to fill your Super Soft Mini Mission Deli wraps.

Filling ready for tacmosa
Filling ready for tacmosa

Lay six wraps onto foil (greased slightly), or parchment paper, to ensure they don’t stick. Whisk your egg in a bowl ready to help stick the wraps together (and to glaze during cooking). Load the wraps with approx 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture and then brush the egg wash lightly around the entire outside of the wrap, ready to create a seal.

Super Soft Mission Deli mini wraps being filled with yummy spicy mince
Super Soft Mission Deli mini wraps being filled with yummy spicy mince

Next, fold the wraps in half and using a fork, crimp the parcels and brush the top of these ‘Tacmosas’ with the egg wash. Whilst you are doing this, pre-heat your oven to 180-200c (electric) or gas mark 6.

Egg washed tacmosas
Egg washed tacmosas

Place the Tacmosas in the centre of the oven at 180-200c/gas mark 6, for 15 minutes until they are golden brown and the filling is piping hot.

Transfer the Tacmosas to a plate and serve with a yogurt and mint dressing.

Tacmosas with yoghurt and mint dressing
Tacmosas with yoghurt and mint dressing

Tacmosas are a great snack and a gorgeous starter to an Indian meal, but my family and I enjoy them the most as a tasty, healthy brunch.

Scrummy tacmosa filling
Scrummy tacmosa filling

You can also double the ingredients so you can prepare 12 Tacmosas, leave a couple to cool and then place in the fridge overnight, to eat cold the next day – which we often do (for packed lunches). These snacks are very versatile so you if you like your food with a little more kick, add more chilli flakes – and for the vegetarian option, add more veggies such as cooked cauliflower, more potato and shredded carrot) and remove the mince. Alternatively, you could simply replace with Quorn or tofu.

I hope you enjoy reading my recipe and please feel free to comment or share pics with me if you try my recipe for Tacmosas.








Angel Delight Moments


Like most people of my generation, the very mention of Angel Delight stirs memories of childhood and general meal-time nostalgia. In our house, it was strawberry flavour (on the rare occasions that my brother and I were actually well-behaved enough to receive dessert)!

Angel Delight

Flash forward 25 years *cough cough* – NO i’m not that old before you ask! and it was when my toddler decided he didn’t want to drink milk so my partner and I were thinking of ingenious ways of how to introduce milk into his diet. We decided to rekindle our love of Angel Delight in the hope my son would look on and think, “what is that yummy dessert Mummy and Daddy are eating. I want some!”. This is where I decided on the stawberry flavour for my son, Luca. I placed a few blueberries in the pot, poured over the strawberry #angeldelight and then popped a couple more on top. To my amazement, my son loved it and he now asks for, “pink pots” when he has finished his dinner.

My second, and favourite of all creations is the #Angeldelight butterscotch banana cheesecakes. I crushed some ginger nuts biscuits for the base of the dessert, poured on the butterscotch Angel Delight then layered sliced banana and then sprinkled some more ginger nut crumbs on top (for decoration). I have also used digestive biscuits in the past.

photo 2 (1)

Both my son and hubby were so excited to try the desserts and to my amazement, loved both of them. Approximately 5 minutes later, I was handed the empty bowls and asked immediately for more. My cupboard will always be stocked with our beloved Angel Delight, not only because it tastes scrummy but the ease of which we can put together a quick dessert, that appeals to my whole family.

This will always mean that Angel Delight will most definitely be part of our family 🙂

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