Before I was Mum, I was Reah.

I am a Mother to Luca, 2 years old, and I’d like to talk frankly and honestly about all aspects of motherhood which you won’t find in those glossy, cheery-faced baby magazines.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself BC (before child). I was a smoker, I drank rather heavily and I loved my collection of shoes. I played poker and I also had an awful potty mouth. I socialised, I had a disposable income and a clean house but as soon as I became pregnant, it all stopped.

Before I was Mum, I was party girl.
Before I was Mum, I was party girl.

Did I find it difficult? No I didn’t. I have quite happily traded all of the above for time with my new family and it is even better than I expected. I still have an awful potty mouth and will always have an obsession with shoes, but now they are usually purchased from a supermarket and are not 6″ stilettos.

Luca and I on holiday

For those of you that don’t already know, I also have a column in a local newspaper, the Derbyshire Times, where a large number of my blogs were originally published. I have also had work featured in the Matlock Mercury and Ashfield and Mansfield editions of the Chad Newspaper. Below is just a selection of my published articles:

Toddler Tantrums – Derbyshire Times Newspaper

Pregnant Mums’ Quit Smoking Incentive – Derbyshire Times Newspaper

Social Media Addiction – Derbyshire Time Newspaper

Mums Night Out – Matlock Mercury Newspaper

I hope that you enjoy reading the highs, the lows and some good old rants about being a new mum  – and please feel free to comment, even if it’s just to tell me I am being a complete div 😉

5 thoughts on “Before I was Mum, I was Reah.

  1. Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to seeing your updates, gunna have a nice mosey through your Derbyshire times posts too ^_^ x

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  2. This is amazing, another local found in the Blog Builders Facebook page! Hi there! I’m in Nottingham. It’s funny, BC, I didn’t have a shoe obsession – I do now. That may be to do with the need to have something nice, that will stay nice – always! 🙂 Lovely to find you. xx


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