Easter at Chatsworth


Easter at Chatsworth

8 April 2017 –  23 April 2017

Last week we were kindly invited to attend Easter at Chatsworth.

We arrived on the impressive grounds of Chatsworth at around 11.00am and it was a stunning, sunny morning. We were all super excited and didn’t know what to do first. Our pass allowed us to visit the farmyard, house and gardens – so we were spoilt for choice. We knew there was going to be huge Easter Egg hunts, Eggspress Trailer rides, and hands-on spring activities for those who visit Chatsworth this Easter.

We asked the kids what they wanted to do first so they sprinted towards the farmyard and adventure playground area. They loved seeing the chickens and ducks roaming freely through the park and spotting the names of the animals, such as this lovely lady, Jasmine.

There was also an area in which the kids could meet some of the animals, which included learning how to milk a cow, meeting some baby chicks and the opportunity to brush the guinea pigs – which the kids loved (and which prompted, “Mummy, can we buy a guinea pig?”).

Whenever we visit Chatsworth playground, my son always has to stop first to ride on the mini tractors and see the chickens – I’m guessing he was having a whale of a time from this photo! ha ha.
So off they sprinted towards the park to let off some steam in the adventure playground. I cannot tell you how magical this playground is! There are areas where the children can play in the sand and also fetch water from the nearby stream. There is also super speedy slide together with lots of rope bridges for the kids to run along. This area has something for children (and adults) of all ages.
There are also lots of areas where you can sit and eat and share your lunch with the local ducks wondering around the park, so we had a little picnic before setting off on our next adventure.
We decided to head off to the gardens as we had heard that there were some extra special Easter Eggs to find ….and the kids were SO egg-cited! Of course we had to collect an ice-cream on our way there too.
When we reached the garden entrance, the kids were given a map of the gardens so they knew what places to point out, such as the maze and the water fountain.
We had never visited the gardens before, as the children are usually too tired after running around the adventure playground or the house, so this was a massive surprise to us. I hadn’t realised just how enormous the gardens were and how utterly breath-taking they are. There was lots to see and explore, including the water fountain which the kids loved as it kept spraying them.
Along our route there were lots of interesting things for the kids to spot, such as the ‘wonky bushes’ as the kids called them, the waterfall and this elephant statue.
The most exciting part was that there were loads of gorgeous, sparkly Easter Eggs hidden amongst the gardens and they couldn’t get enough of them. Although, kids being kids, they want to try and get the egg and smash it open and my friend and I had to explain that they weren’t Kinder eggs and we can’t break them!
This egg was the most precious egg to them as they had to climb a little to get to it. It was hidden really well so they were delighted when they were able to tick this off their list.
 After all the egg hunting we were about to head off to the house to explore further, but realise that the children were exhausted. We had been on the grounds for 4 hours so their little legs were tired and, to be quite honest, my feet were aching too.
We had an amazing day and the weather was very kind to us too. Fortunately we remembered the sun cream as the kids were outdoors for pretty much the whole day.
As I always say when I visit Chatsworth, it is simply stunning and takes my breath away every time. We always manage to find new places to explore and, as usual, we didn’t get to do everything we wanted as all that fun and sun wiped us all out.
If you have the time and you want to see Derbyshire at its best, then you must make sure your visit Chatsworth House and Gardens during the Easter holidays.

For ticket details, please visit Easter at Chatsworth or for more information, visit www.chatsworth.org

*Please note, we were sent tickets to visit the house and gardens for purpose of this review but all views are my own.

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    • So sorry for the delay, I have been relatively quiet on here over the past few months. I wish I could advise who designed the house but unfortunately I don’t know. I would guess the details are available on their site maybe? 🙂


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