Bidvine – Your New Best Friend!

As busy working parents, our greatest dilemma is how to juggle those ongoing chores which need to be undertaken just to make it through the day. Getting your kids clean, clothed, fed and out the door in one piece whilst working full or part time is daunting enough, so when it comes to jobs around the house, or hobbies, planning parties/events etc.. well that list is rarely reviewed because, lets face it, it’s too time consuming!

So when I came across the Bidvine app, I immediately thought, ‘where has this been all my life?’. Bidvine is the easiest way to find and hire local professionals to help accomplish your projects. Learn something new, redecorate your home, feel better, feel fitter, throw a great party – and more.

Let me tell you how this works

Download the Bidvine app to your mobile device or tablet, or alternatively you can access via a PC by following this website link –

The Bidvine app display appears, which will then allow you to search for a local professional service in your area.

I opted for a photography service, specifically ‘event photography’  because I wanted to get some prices for a children’s party/event. My son was four in August and the party was held at a farm park, which was hectic to say the least! The demands of the day meant that I wasn’t able to capture all those special moments at the party, so I wanted to gather some quotes – for photographers for future events – to ensure we never miss a moment again.

Once you have selected the service you need, the app requests your postcode to match your location with local businesses. I selected details such as, ‘number of people attending’ and ‘how I’d like the event shooting’ to start the matching service – see full selection available below.

The details are then broken down a little more into budget and duration of the event etc.

You are asked whether there is anything additional you would like to add to your request and you are then prompted for your email address. To submit the project, you need to create an account by entering your name and a password then the app asks if you’re ready to submit your request to local professionals.

Once you submit your details you just wait for the bids to come in. I entered both my telephone and email details which then meant I received quote alerts to both – but you can log into your account and view your ‘project’ and any bids you have received as shown below.

Once the bids have been received, it’s up to you which one you prefer and you can then discuss directly with the provider – it couldn’t be simpler!

Benefits/Key Features:

  • Free app to download
  • Set your own budget
  • 800+ service categories to choose from
  • Great matching service
  • No obligation
  • Quick turnaround from request to bid
  • Easy to use and great user experience
  • Great promotion for local businesses

I hope that you enjoy reading my post and if you would like to download the app for free here , give it a go, I would love to hear what you think!

 Disclaimer: I was contacted by Bidvine to review their service for purpose of this review, all views are my own.



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