Real Baking – Cake Pop Kit and Great Baking Set

We were kindly provided with a great box of goodies from Vivid which contained some fab items from their Real Baking range . My son and I were super excited and couldn’t wait to try out these products.



Contains the following:

Icing nozzle and ring

1 x small bowl, 1 x large bowl, 1 x bowl suction base

16 cupcake cases

3 x measuring scoops

4 x piping bags

1 x egg cracker

1 x silicone baking tray

We decided to use this Cupcake Recipe as the mixture contained yogurt and I was intrigued to see how the finished product would look (and taste).

We weighed out all the ingredients, including the flour and sugar. We used the funky bowls provided in the box, together with the lovely little measuring spoons, which my son enjoyed using. Obviously half of the ingredients were lost/thrown across the table and floor, so I did have to intervene at certain stages.

Then onto the best part. My son took great pleasure in cracking 3 eggs using this brilliant egg cracker. As he is only just 4 years old, he struggled to place the egg into the contraption – so I did help him – but he pressed the top down and, hey-presto, the egg deployed into the tray, minus the shell!

As you can see from the image below, there is a clear removable tray at the bottom that you can take off, thus allowing you to pour the egg into your bowl. We did crack 2/3 eggs into the tray before removing to pour, which did cause some leakage around the sides, so this may only be suitable to hold 1-2 large eggs.

Once the eggs and all the other ingredients had combined, the cupcake mixture was ready to be poured into the lovely little silicone moulds and cupcake casings (also provided with the kit). The image below shows my son using spoons from the Great Baking Set to attempt to get the mixture into the little cases. As you can see, it did get a little messy, but it’s all part of the fun.

We placed the silicone mould in the oven together with some other large cupcakes we prepared, as the recipe allowed us to make around 8 large cupcakes (and four for my son with his little kit).

Once the cupcakes had been in the oven for the allotted time, we removed and cooled before decorating. To decorate, we used a bain-marie to melt some good quality chocolate, poured this into the piping bags provided with nozzle attached and this was the result….How cute are these? My son loved them!

As with some of this particular range, it would have benefited from a recipe card, especially as the size of the cupcakes were for little hands, so I wasn’t too sure of the quantity of ingredients required – or the time needed in the oven  -so I just winged it, but we were very happy with the results.

The Great Baking Set RRP is £19.99 – which I think is a great, affordable price!

Whether you are purchasing this set for your own child as a treat so you can bake together, or as a great and affordable gift for a child’s birthday or Christmas present, it is a great value and fun product.




The box contains the following:

2 x silicone mould trays

1 x mini doughnut mould

2 x cone moulds

12 x lollipop sticks
For the cake pop and doughnut mix, we used the cupcake recipe as above. My son spooned out the mixture into the cake pop silicone mould (bottom half). The top of the cake pop mould has small holes in so when you seal the two together to bake it allows the cake to rise, but still create the desired shape and size for the cake pop/ball.

We then placed the cake mixture into the doughnut mould, (okay so it doesn’t look that pretty at first as my son had his sticky mitts all over it) and I levelled it off slightly as you want to see the shape of the doughnut moulds when cooked.

Out they came from the oven. Due the moulds being silicone, once they had cooled they were very easy to pop out. It was very satisfying removing these little cuties from the moulds and my son and I couldn’t wait to decorate them.

Once again I used a bain-marie to melt some quality dark chocolate. First you need to dip the sticks into a little of the melted chocolate before placing the cake pop onto the stick, which allows the chocolate to cool and stick to the cake. Once both the stick and cake are attached, the fun part starts.

We dipped some of the cake pops in dark chocolate, and we used icing for a couple of the other cake pops, but you could also try white chocolate or other such toppings. We then dipped these in a plate of sprinkles, but again, you could try a number of toppings such as coconut flakes, crushed cornflakes (my son’s favourite) or even edible silver balls or decorations for special occasions. We did the same method (minus the sticks) with the doughnuts and were very happy with the results.

The Cake Pop Kit RRP for this item is £9.99 which is an affordable price for both a treat or a gift.

This kit was a firm favourite in my house and I would definitely say we had lots of fun making these, but again, the box would definitely benefit from a recipe card. Nonetheless, we all really loved the outcome and it has definitely spurred me on to make these on a larger scale for parties and special occasions.

Disclaimer: I forgot to add 100g of ground almond to the cupcake recipe which meant both the cupcakes and cakepops tasted like greasy whipped egg (my fault!). However, on the plus side, Luca and I enjoyed licking the toppings off all the cakes. Note to self; read the recipe thoroughly next time…..hahah.

If you like the my post and the products reviewed in this range, you may also want to take a look at my earlier post which contains a review of the Real Baking Cookie Kit and Chocolate Pen.


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review, all views are my own.








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