Real Baking – Cookie Kit and Chocolate Pen

We were kindly provided with a great box of goodies from Vivid which contained some fab items from their Real Baking range . My son and I were super excited and didn’t know what to try out first!


Contains the following:

14 x cookie cutters in some great designs

1 x rolling pin

1 x dough holder

1 x silicone baking sheet

1 x piping bag

We made a simple cookie dough mix but halved the ingredients as we weren’t going to make as many as the recipe stated, plus we added 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon for our own taste. In hindsight, we probably could have bought a pre-made cookie mix to save time, however I am always worried that the packet mix might be a little dry – although I’m sure my son wouldn’t mind.

It was all the about rolling the dough and, in his words, ‘squishing out the shapes’. It would have been great to have included a recipe in the box or, better still, a cookie dough mix – but nonetheless, this product is still fab!

We rolled out the dough using the guide and rolling pin to ensure it was perfectly level and ready for the cutters.

As you can see, these weren’t the neatest of cut-outs but my son enjoyed it all the same. We decided to try a couple of plain shapes and few with cut-outs using the smaller cuts inside the bigger ones, which allowed us to pop a small part of a boiled sweet in the middle which (fingers crossed) would create a stained glass window effect on the cookie.

The instructions also suggested making a 3D effect cookie by using the smaller and larger cut-outs and stacking them on top of each other. Maybe we will try that next time!

As the silicone baking tray is only small, it was great for my son. I simply placed the rest of the biscuits we cut from the dough onto a baking tray to allow room for the biscuits to spread whilst baking.

We baked the cookies for approx. 12-15 minutes, 170c or gas mark in the oven and voila! We were really pleased with how the cookies turned out and they tasted delicious. The smell from the oven reminded me of Christmas.


The Real Baking Cookie Kit RRP is £14.99 – which I think is a great, affordable price!

Whether you are purchasing this kit for your own child as a treat so you can bake together, or as a great and affordable gift for a child’s birthday or Christmas present, it is a great value and fun product.


The box contains the following:

1 x chocolate pen (batteries not included, 2 x AAAs)

3 x plastic moulds trays (totalling 50 different designs)

4 x nozzles, caps and clamps

12 x bags for chocolate

The box doesnt contain any chocolate for you to start with but obviously chocolate is a perishable item, so of course you wouldn’t expect any. We were kindly provided with some Divine chocolate to get us started and, as you can see, my son had his little mits on it before we had time to melt it!

You need to ensure the chocolate is chopped into a small pieces first, (and maybe chocolate drops or buttons would be easier) so that you can add into the small plastic bags and  melt in a bowl of hot tap water. Before doing so, you need to attach one of the nozzles with the clasps provided, ready to load into the pen.

In the meantime, place the batteries in the pen. If they are placed in correctly you can press the brown button on the side of the pen and you will hear the motor whirring – so you know it’s ready to load the chocolate sachet. Once the sachet is loaded, you are ready to go. As you can see from the pictures below, my son was having great fun playing with this pen, making a mess and practising writing his name on the biscuits.

The RRP for this item is £19.99 which again is an affordable price for both a treat or a gift. However, I would state that maybe my son was a little too young for this as the process of melting, clipping and clamping then loading the pen was a little tricky for him. Perhaps an older child could benefit from the design and writing aspects.

We are going to use the moulds on our next #RealBaking challenge so watch this space!


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review, all views are my own.









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