Take Back The Kitchen – Little Kitchen

We’re all aware of the perfect family mealtime image. As parents, it’s practically ingrained in us that we should all sit down at the dining table, share a wholesome family meal and quietly discuss our day together. In reality, this couldn’t be any further from the truth for 99.9% of the entire population. We work long hours, we eat different meals and we do our best to discuss the important parts of our day, as-and-when we happen to be in the same room at the same time.

 So when Wren Kitchens spoke, I decided I would happily accept their challenge:

– To take back the kitchen by creating  a ‘Little Kitchenwith big ideas.

We were kindly provided with a goodie bag to help get us started along with a fab Little Kitchen Big Ideas book.

We set to work and created a menu, we wrote out the shopping list and had great fun creating our pop-up café signs. Off we went to the shops, collected the necessary ingredients and both my son and I were very keen to get get started. We even wrote on our aprons so that there was no doubts that my son was the Head Chef… he loved his little apron.

We decided on Wholemeal Pitta Pizzas as they are fun to make and a healthy, wholesome alternative to your traditional takeaway pizza – lets face it, who doesn’t like pizza!

The ingredients we used were very simple and tasty:

6 Wholemeal Pittas

Both mature and mild cheese (grated)

Tomato paste

Toppings: sweetcorn, ham, peppers, mushrooms and pineapple


My son was most definitely taking his role as head chef very seriously, he started off with the tomato paste and then decided he wanted some without tomato and was adamant it would taste better.


He loves, ham, sweetcorn and pineapple so they were his preferences, he wasn’t keen to add any mushrooms to his; whereas I love them – and peppers.


Once we had added all the toppings (and some lost on the floor, which is to be expected when you had a hyper 4 year old), we popped the pizza pittas under the grill for approximately 5-10 minutes until golden brown. My son kept popping his head in saying, “are they ready yet, Mummy!?”.

Once they were ready, we placed them onto to a cooling tray before serving. My son was excited to see his creations come out of the oven and even more excited to taste them, as was I, and boy did they not disappoint. They were so tasty, crispy around the edges and, whats more, they are so much better for the whole family than tradional frozen or takeaway pizzas. A massive favourite in my house and we will definitely be doing these again.

On to to dessert…. I asked my son to pick out a dessert from the fantastic ‘Little Kitchen Big Ideas‘ book and he was immediately drawn to the fruit skewers.

The fruit skewer ingredients we chose were;

Pineapple, apple, blueberries, mango and grapes

The chocolate dipping sauce was made with dark chocolate, a tablespoon of coconut oil (I use this for pretty much all of my cooking) and a good squeeze of honey.

The second dip we chose was a yummy coconut yoghurt.


It was great to see my son handling all the fruit in its raw form, chopping up the pieces carefully with a knife (and with my assistance of course) together with funky shape cutters that we were kindly provided with. We had such a fun time threading the skewers, it took him a little time to get to grips with the fruit and skewers but he mastered it in the end without poking himself in the finger.


As you can see, there was a lot of mess, particularly during the sampling of the chocolate sauce (all over his face), but they tasted absolutely delicious. Such an amazing, fun idea to try with your family and the dipping sauces were a massive hit.

I can’t tell you have much fun we had completing the challenge and bringing a ‘pop-up café’ to our home but this is something that we plan to do on a regular basis because not only was the food tasty, healthy and lots of fun to make but the day was filled with lots of fun crafts creating our little café. So go ahead, download the free booklet, check out some ideas and give it a go!

*I was sent this pack from Wren Kitchens for the purpose of this review, all views are my own*









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