Terrible Twos


Apart from having no interest in sleep, my son is, and always has been, a well-behaved boy. Friends and family continually comment on his sunny nature. But like all 2 year olds, Luca is always only a blink away from a tantrum.

This is well known phenomenon amongst parents, called the ‘terrible twos’. I remember I was pre-warned by other mums, ‘enjoy shopping with him now, whilst you can’. I recall laughing smugly; my angel would never be like those other toddlers, which we all give wide berths to in the aisles of Tesco.

Parenting is (and always will be) a steep learning curve, but only two years ago I was holding a little, gurgling lump of joy in my arms and, in my naivety, I never thought we’d need to teach our son discipline and consequences of his actions so soon.

I admit it, I was one of those…

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