Wicked Uncle Challenge

As a parent you are continuously bombarded with adverts for all of the latest toys, gimics and gadgets to entertain your children (and, let’s face it, some of the older members of your family). There are so many to choose from that it can often feel like a minefield. So when I was contacted by Wicked Uncle and given the opportunity to read about their unique approach to this problem, I was intrigued to find out more.

I promptly loaded up their site and was in awe of what I could see, the selection of toys are unbelievable. I was muttering to myself searching through each category saying, “OMG”, and “wow he’s going to love this”, and “cool, I need one of these in my life!”. The site is extremely user friendly and great to navigate around, with sections that allow you to filter searches  (girls/boys/all), then age ranges, from 3 years old through to teens. Naturally I just selected ‘ALL’ and perused the whole range, thinking I need to order EVERYTHING!!!

The next phase of the filtered search (should you be more focused than I was), allows you to select categories such as ‘creativity’ or ‘adventurer’ which I thought was a nice touch as it allows you to be a lot more personal when it comes to choosing a gift.

The premise of the site is to allow the child’s ‘wicked uncle’, which in this case is my cool bro, Craig, to order something as a surprise and see what alternate gift they choose. Wicked Uncle kindly provided me with a voucher to the value of £40 which I forwarded to my brother and waited in anticipation. My brother is in his late 30’s, no kids of his own and wasn’t at all interested in the whole baby stage of my son’s life. Now my son is at an age where he just wants to play and have fun…. well that is where his Uncle Craig steps in! So he was definitely up for the challenge.

A week later and the Wicked Uncle delivery arrived, boxed up, at my door. My son was ridiculously excited and before I had time to get the camera out he was tearing the box open and diving into the surprise packages from Uncle Craig. This video is most definitely typical of all 4 year olds, in that the packaging often holds as much fascination as everything else in life – much to my amusement.

I don’t know who was more excited on opening the box, me or my son! The parcel contained two gifts, one of which was a ‘shining stars projector’ and the other is a ‘my first microscope’; and boy were we not disappointed! The parcel also contained a little gift message to the recipient and a card for your child to write back and give thanks for the gifts, which I also thought was a great addition to the overall experience of the products.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we have all had with these gifts. It was my son’s birthday just over a week ago so he couldn’t wait to show his friends how these amazing toys work.

My First Microscope

Seeing as though the sun has been very kind to us lately, we have had the pleasure of spending lots of time in the garden. We often go searching for creepy crawlies, (and what boy doesn’t love that?!), and for some reason my son has developed a fascination with leaves. He loves touching them and drawing on them ….and was his immediate go to item for the first thing could he put underneath his microscope.

The microscope comes in a very funky, bright and colourful design. It is very sturdy and easy for little, but heavy-handed, boys. Another great feature of the product is a little light that allows your child to see the item illuminated under the microscope. My son is very stubborn at times and insisted on showing me how it worked – and I wasn’t allowed to do anything until he’d put pretty much everything from the garden, and his toy box, underneath the microscope first. He was fascinated at how he could move the lens up and down to focus and enlarge the subject he was studying.

This toy is lots of fun and very educational. It allows your child to explore their surrounding, nature and all things new to them. I couldn’t have chosen a better gift for him. This takes pride of place in his room and sits very comfortably in the bright surroundings of his room.

Shining Stars Projector

My son has had an absolute ball with this projector. Pretty much every day has been sunny since the product arrived so we have spent most days with him demanding I close the blinds so we can project the stars and planets on to his bedroom wall.

Star Projector

Again, as with the microscope, the funky design, colour and easy use of this toy, together the carry handle, has allowed my son to move it freely around the house, pressing the button and showing everyone who enters the house (and his room) what cool images each of the 3 picture wheels contains.

The pictures include images such as an astronaut, the Earth, the Sun, a comet, stars and more importantly, the projections are a cool, calming light that my son now depends on every night before he goes to sleep. The picture wheels can be changed and slotted into the projector very easily young kids, and as stated previously, because of the design of the product they are very strurdy for heavy-handed children (and adults) – so there is no worry of a part being snapped or broken suddenly.

As with the microscope, this is also very educational and has prompted lots of questions from son regarding space, the Earth and other astrological questions which I don’t know the answers to – but it has been great to engage his little imagination.

The feedback from Uncle Craig is that the site was extremely user friendly, very easy to navigate around and there were no complicated links or unnecessary menu/filters. The fact that the categories are broken down so simply means that whomever was to place an order could do this very quickly and simply. There is both a card transaction payment method together with a PayPal option, should you wish to use it. Uncle Craig used a debit card and the delivery payment was taken promply with an email receipt and order confirmation which followed.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this site to any confused Uncle or relative out there (or anyone looking for a special gift) because my whole family and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience together – and will still be playing with these toys for a long time yet. I genuinely intend to use this site on a regular basis for friends and family birthday gifts, purely because the service, quality and variety of wonderful toys and gifts, is exceptional.
*We were given a gift voucher to the value of £40 to spend at Wicked Uncle for purpose of this review. All views and opinions are my own*


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