Is my son school ready?

So the day arrived, the day all pre-school Mum’s dread, the day in which the council decide whether your child can attend your first choice school. My son was definitely one of the lucky ones, he had been accepted into our first choice school directly opposite where we live, and we are fully aware that many other children/parents haven’t been as fortunate. Anyway, what next…..’OH SH’T MY BABY IS GOING TO SCHOOL!!!!’

So we received a letter from school stating that we need to attend two days introduction in June and that the school also pay a visit to your home to ensure your child is fully ready for the transition (his likes, dislikes, pets, siblings and such). Then there is the list regarding uniform etc but my mind is racing as to whether my child is going to actually be mentally prepared for school. How is leaving his friends at nursery going to affect him?

My son is potty trained but can’t wee standing up, do they need to be able wee standing up at this age? Scrap that, he can’t even wipe his own arse properly yet so yeah – wipe own arse, I’ll add that to the list. Then there is his dummy and comforter that he has when he sleeps (yes, I know, he will be 4 in August) and so he shouldn’t have them but I’m focussed on making sure he isn’t reliant on them before school.

More and more things keep popping into my head, and the more I discuss impending ‘schooldom’ with others, the more terrifying advice I keeping receiving – such as, ‘stock up on ‘Full Marks’, you’re going to need it! (In case you don’t have children and are not aware of such delights, Full Marks is a treatment for head lice. Or shall I just shave all his hair of because the thought of my son and I having parasites crawling around in our hair scares the sh*t out of me!)

So I am staring down the barrel of his new routine…and MY new routine of taking my son to school every day. He will be there 5 days a week so he is going to be exhausted. Will he come home a big boy with a big attitude? Will he make friends easily and excel academically as he does now. Will he continue to eat his lunch with his fingers when he is quite capable of using cutlery but seems to find squelching food between his fingers and throwing it at me far more entertaining than eating it?

 The list is endless but I need to slow down and take a deep breath, enjoy this time with my little boy because he’s growing up fast. He will make new friends, new memories and adapt to this new chapter in his life……Yes, I will most definitely ball my eyes out at the school gates!




4 thoughts on “Is my son school ready?

  1. I’m struggling with this one too. O doesn’t have a dummy anymore, but he has a cuddly rabbit which he likes to take everywhere with him. I worry about that a lot. And he doesn’t like cutlery either, even though he can use it. Sometimes I actually lose sleep over these things!

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    • I’m the same but what we have to remember is they learn quickly and when they see their older peers using cutlery, eating well, together with a new routine and structure for them, I’m sure they will flourish. Very hard to not worry though.x

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