Double, ‘Bubble’, Toil and Trouble – Halloween with Cravendale

Britmums and Cravendale have set the nation a new challenge, a #MilkDrinkersMilk challenge to be exact, and we have gladly accepted.

I wanted to share our milk-drinking experience with you all and what better time to do it than #Halloween.

Since a straw was first placed between my son’s lips, he has always had to the urge to blow bubbles in any drink that would allow it. What kids doesn’t love bubbles, eh? I’m fairly sure every toddler in the world loves bubbles, so why not blow some into a cup of deliciously creamy, calcium-enriched Cravendale? My son calls this, ‘Bubble Milk’. It is his favourite game and he can’t wait to show his friends, and anyone that will watch, his bubble-blowing technique in milk. I have even had reports that his friends at nursery have started to do it too – he’s such a trend setter!

So it’s Halloween, we are carving the pumpkins and my son laughs and says, “hubble, bubble, toy and trouble” very cute and he’d obviously picked this up from a Halloween Peppa Pig or Sponge Bob Squarepants. *corrects child with full witch chant from Macbeth and carries on scoffing whatever I could get my hands on from the trick or treat tub* So I ask my son if he wants a snack or anything, baring in mind he’s been eating sweets, toffee apples and crisps all day, and he asks for milk from his ‘sippy jar’. His sippy is basically Mummy’s ‘sippy jar’ (don’t laugh, I don’t drink a lot). He loves his milk in this jar, whether cold or warm, and he will drink huge amounts of Cravendale in this and blow enormous bubbles.  

  He then proceeded to share this fab game (and my drinking jar) with every trick-or-treater that came to our door! They loved it. Hopefully they didn’t notice the margarita and cocktails references on the jar and they just focused on my sons ‘bubble milk’ face.

Why not try this game with your little one, I’d love to see your child’s ‘bubble milk’ face. Post on social media with the #bubblemilkface or better still #cravendalebubblemilkface

*This post is an entry for Britmums #MilkDrinkersDrink Linky Challenge Sponsored by Cravendale*


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