Angel Delight Moments


Like most people of my generation, the very mention of Angel Delight stirs memories of childhood and general meal-time nostalgia. In our house, it was strawberry flavour (on the rare occasions that my brother and I were actually well-behaved enough to receive dessert)!

Angel Delight

Flash forward 25 years *cough cough* – NO i’m not that old before you ask! and it was when my toddler decided he didn’t want to drink milk so my partner and I were thinking of ingenious ways of how to introduce milk into his diet. We decided to rekindle our love of Angel Delight in the hope my son would look on and think, “what is that yummy dessert Mummy and Daddy are eating. I want some!”. This is where I decided on the stawberry flavour for my son, Luca. I placed a few blueberries in the pot, poured over the strawberry #angeldelight and then popped a couple more on top. To my amazement, my son loved it and he now asks for, “pink pots” when he has finished his dinner.

My second, and favourite of all creations is the #Angeldelight butterscotch banana cheesecakes. I crushed some ginger nuts biscuits for the base of the dessert, poured on the butterscotch Angel Delight then layered sliced banana and then sprinkled some more ginger nut crumbs on top (for decoration). I have also used digestive biscuits in the past.

photo 2 (1)

Both my son and hubby were so excited to try the desserts and to my amazement, loved both of them. Approximately 5 minutes later, I was handed the empty bowls and asked immediately for more. My cupboard will always be stocked with our beloved Angel Delight, not only because it tastes scrummy but the ease of which we can put together a quick dessert, that appeals to my whole family.

This will always mean that Angel Delight will most definitely be part of our family 🙂

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