The Stain Really Has Vanished

As many of my readers will already know, we like to keep a tidy house. My hubby more so, in fact you could say he has a rather ‘OCD’ approach when it comes to cleaning. Yep, he loves it.

So being the clean freaks we are, I have to say we appreciate any product which is antibacterial – but then anything that removes stains is an absolute God send in this house, especially when you have a toddler around.

So when we were given the opportunity by Vanish to review some of their products, we knew this was going to be our kind of fun!   I have to admit that initially I had my doubts. I know how difficult it is to keep a toddler’s wardrobe free from marks and stains so I was rather dubious as to whether Vanish could really make the stains actually vanish! The day after the products arrived, my son, by means of some sort of convenient/inconvenient method of sixth sense, proceeded to smear chocolate ice-cream all over his shirt and shorts. I looked on with horror as we were miles from home so I was unable to pre-soak the material.
So when I returned home, I whipped out the Vanish Gold Powergel (pre-treat stain remover), rubbed and rolled and left the gel on my son’s clothes for a couple of minutes before they were thrown in the washing machine. I didn’t hold great hope to be honest, I have become accustomed to throwing out my son’s stain covered clothes or demoting them to ‘messy activity’ clothes (which had made up 90% of his entire wardrobe).

 So I opened the washing machine in preparation for, ‘oh well, we tried I suppose’ but to my amazement there were absolutely NO STAINS visible. This product really does what it claims to do, the stain has literally vanished! 

   So my next mission is to work my way through the house, which includes my carpet, my son’s wardrobe and my car seats to see if the rest of this fab Vanish range is as good as this product. Wish me luck!

For more information about Stain Removal or any of the products featured, then please visit the Vanish website.

If you would like the chance to #WIN all four products featured within this review then please comment ‘Vanish’ below. Best of luck!

*I was sent all Vanish products for purpose of this review, all views are my own*



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