Minion Mania – Summer Fun

Unless you’ve fallen off the face of the earth, you can’t get away from #Minion Mania. Since the Minion Movie release in June this year, these little guys have taken over my son, Luca’s, life, his bedroom …and our house for that matter, and he spends pretty much every minute of his waking day screaming “ba-na-naaaaaaa” around the house.

So when I was contacted by Norton and Co, and asked to become part of the Minions review panel, I initially thought – not more Minions!

I’m kidding – ssshhh don’t tell anyone but I’m probably as big a fan of the Minions as Luca is. 

Being a typical Mummy Blogger, I had to take some quick snaps before the box was snatched off me and tore open by my toddler – and jeez was he over the moon when he found out what was inside! We received some banana sweets, an inflatable banana (which is now my son’s new BFF), Minions Top Trumps (Trumpitup card game), Crayola pens and Crayola Colour Alive book – and a Minion mask. And so the mania continues…..

I shall start with the Minions Crayola Colour Alive book, pens and app. I can’t tell you how much fun our family has had with this book and app. As soon as my son opens his eyes in the morning, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is, “Minions App” and you will see why when I take you through this awesome book and technology. This app is very easy to use and as some of my readers will know, my 3 year old is very tech savvy, so he was almost guiding me through what we needed to do from the very beginning.

You simply download the Colour Alive FREE app to your tablet or mobile device. We downloaded this from the iTunes App Store but you can also download the Android App on Google Play. Press the ‘unlock’ button and scan the image using the on-screen markers (ensure this is on a flat surface)  to create your virtual playground.


Whilst you’re downloading, colour one of the 16 pages in your book with the pens provided (yellow, purple, blue, green, red, brown and grey), each page has a different Minion scene. You can also actually test the 4D pages before colouring which is cool.

 Obviously I had to try colouring the characters first and it was great fun (whilst my son was trying to snatch the pens off me) for “my turn, Mummy”. Once you’ve filled one in, you can then watch your colourings come to life.

 You can ‘tap’ your little character and they have their own little feature such as a wave, a dance and a wiggle – which again we didn’t notice until Luca pointed it out to us!

You can also press the ‘special effects’ button to add cool effects, such as the banana lights below, but there are also flames, twinkly lights and a few other options. You can then select a ‘save’ or ‘snap’ option which means you can save the action shot for later, or take a pic of your creation which saves to your device.

Next was my son’s turn, which meant ‘NO Mummy, its mine, Mummy’ – cue FULL TODDLER CONCENTRATION MODE which is always welcomed. As owners of a toddler will know, they have ants in their pants and blancmange on their brain 99.9% of the time – jumping and rambling about cats and potatoes etc – so to see my son, calm, concentrating whilst still having fun was brilliant!! It’s worth mentioning that these applications are fab for fine-motor skill development and hand-eye co-ordination.


The next 3 images were taken by son using my iPad. I didn’t even know he’d taken these so I had a little chuckle to myself.


 This option on the App allows you to position your character wherever you like on screen to create an image with yourself in the picture/your own reality. Why not try a selfie too!! The dragon image is a sneak peek at another colouring book (which we have now purchased) and I love this pic – so thought I’d share it with you.

As you can tell from the Minion below, we sometimes went a little overboard with the colouring but we still think it looks great. We did, however, go a little OTT when colouring a background on one of the pages, which then wouldn’t recognise the image. So just be aware of this. Less is definitely more for backgrounds.

We thoroughly enjoyed (and are continuing to enjoy) this amazing book and app. Great price and fab entertainment for all the family during the summer holidays.

Crayola Colour Alive RRP £6.99/pack from leading retailers

Stockist Details can be found at Crayola UK

Minions Top Trumps 


The Minions Top Trump game comes in this lovely bright portable case (obviously in yellow so is in-keeping with the Minions theme) and being portable means it’s a great travel companion – so could be taken on a long car journey, to the park or simply round to a friends’ to play during the summer holidays.   If you’re not familiar with the Top Trumps game, I’ll try and summarise briefly for you.

You basically deal all cards out equally (for the number of players within your game) and each player holds their cards face up towards them. The player to the left of the dealer reads out an item from their top card for e.g. ‘Leadership – 40’ and places it face up on the table. Each player then takes turn to give their score for that item on their own card before placing on the table too. The person with the highest score for that item wins that round and takes the cards from the middle to put to the bottom of their own cards. The winner is also the one that calls the item for the next round. This means that everyone is in with a chance to win because there is always an opportunity for a come back (it’s not always the highest number available you need to look for). So if you are a Minion fan then these cards are great because each beautifully-illustrated image tells a fab story with lots of fun facts. This game takes you through a fantastic adventure, travelling through time to some of the greatest eras in history. The Minions serve the ferocious T-Rex, the great Egyptian Pharaoh and the forces of Napoleon in hope to become their evil masters’ servants! Through tragedy and triumph, 3 courageous Minions; Kevin, Bob and Stuart step forward and lead the Minion tribe to their new evil master!  You can play Top Trumps online or you can download the app for FREE. You can also collect a FREE pack and collector’s wristband with 5 barcodes cards from any Top Trumps packs. The cards and plastic case are 100% recyclable.  

You can purchase the Minions Top Trump Game from major retailers – RRP £4.99 or direct from The Official Top Trumps shop

“Look Mummy, I’m a Minion!”


“I’m a ba-nan-naaaaaaaaa”

All I can say is a huge thank you to Norton and Co for making my own little Minion a very happy boy!

I was sent Minion Crayola Colour Alive Pack, Minion Top Trumps, an inflatable banana, a Minion mask and some banana sweets for purpose of review. All views are my own.


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