Housework: A lesson Not A Chore

I recently read an interesting blog featured on Yahoo News, where a mother discussed her displeasure at people trotting out the (well-meaning) suggestion that ‘the housework can wait’. It is often directed at mums to try and encourage us to ensure we put our children before the housework. But 99% of us mothers aren’t letting our children sit in isolation whilst we polish the silver, in fact housework is a critical part of the framework which we use to raise our children.

My son needs food, shopping, laundered clothes and to not arrive at nursery looking like he’s wandered in out of the woods, (which would be his preference, trust me). Then of course I need to make sure that the washing-up and cooking are on an almost continual cycle. These daily tasks are just as much a function of parenthood as taking them to the park or teaching them their ABCs.  I believe that whilst you can’t always fully control your children’s education, you do have a responsibility as a parent to teach them life-skills. Regardless of the fact that these household chores have to be done in order to function, it also sets a good example to your children; to prepare food (not microwave meals or takeaways) and to look after your family and possessions.

These elements of family life are important. So too is them seeing their parents working and not always having the time to play with them. It teaches them that sometimes they have to entertain themselves, which can often be the catalyst for creativity. IMG_7088
 There will always be people who insist that housework isn’t important and that they’re ‘putting their children first’. But my son will always come first, he’s the most important thing in my life. You can still have lots of fun with your children without neglecting your responsibilities.


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