To My Son, Luca.

Dear Luca

My expectations for my 3 year old son’s future constantly play on my mind. If I could write to you in the future, Luca, I hope that:

You are finally out of nappies and you have made some lifelong friends at primary school. You move onto secondary school, apply that intelligent little mind of yours and gain excellent GCSEs.

You decide to go to university like your Dad and pass with a first class honours. Perhaps you have a few girlfriends and break a few hearts (but no sex please as you’re still my little boy).

You choose the career you want to succeed in and, in doing so, meet the women of your dreams and you marry, overlooking the ocean somewhere tropical.

You have 3 children and I’m delighted to become a grandparent and want to share as much precious time with my grandchildren as possible.

However, you may only make a couple of friends at school, some of whom you’ll never see after leaving. Puberty hits you hard and you rebel at secondary school, a girlfriend /boyfriend confuses your head and you lose all focus on your grades and education.

You decide university isn’t for you and you go straight into employment. It’s hard work, manual labour, but you enjoy it. You work with some great lads and you share some amazing travelling experiences with them.

You return and train as a builder and eventually set up your own business to which you are very successful. The business takes in toll on life and as you hit my age, you still haven’t met ‘the one’. You haven’t had children and we don’t have any grandchildren to spoil and cuddle.

I suppose my point is that, as your parents, we will always worry and want the best for you. I don’t think it matters whether you are 3 or 33, my instinct will always be to protect and nurture you.


I can’t live your life for you so you must choose your own path in life. And whether you wish to become a doctor, a lawyer, a pirate or a builder, as long as you are happy, healthy and loved then that is all that matters.


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