Penwizard – Personalised Potty Training Book

So we have attempted to potty train my son, Luca, and there was some resistance. Luca will be 3 years old in August and we have attempted a few pull-up nappy days, as have his nursery. So far, has just about managed one potty ‘wee-wee’ but always informed us when needing a number two. Now, however, he seems to have regressed and suddenly we are back to square one again. So I took to social media to seek advice from fellow mums and noticed this fab, personalised potty training book from Penwizard that would enable my son to follow some simple, colourful pictures and words – which is also designed in a fun and engaging way for him to understand.

Luca wasn’t quite grasping the concept
“Is this a seat, Mummy?”

Penwizard offer potty training books which are personalised for your child, from their Pirate Pete & Princess Polly range. You can choose from Pirate, Princess or Prince. We opted for the Pirate book as Luca is a huge fan – he loves dressing up as a pirate.

Pirate Luca

There is an online creator where you fill in the following details: gender, name, hair colour, skin colour, glasses and a personal message. You can also choose who will help your child, I opted for ‘Mummy’. RRP hardback £14.99 – multiple delivery options available, UK standard P&P from £2.50.

We sat and read the book together at least 4-5 times and Luca loved choosing a potty with Mummy from the ‘pirate store’ and couldn’t stop laughing at ‘what the potty shouldn’t be used for’ within the story. I read the following, “Is it a funny hat?” and he would say, “Noooooo Mummy” and then, “Is it a toy boat?” and Luca would say again, “Noooo Mummy” and at this point he was giggling his little head off. It continued, “A very useful storage box?” and without reading or any prompt, Luca said, “It’s for wee wee’s and poo poo’s Mummy”. He also loved being able to choose his own pants from a selection of colours/patterns. We then practiced pulling Luca’s pants up and down as stated in the book. The character has a little accident on the floor but is still praised by Mummy. By the end of the book the character is able to wee and finally does a poo in the potty and he feels very grown up. IMG_8519 Unfortunately Luca still hasn’t fully made friends with his potty yet but I do think this book is definitely creating fun and happy thoughts of wearing big boy pants, using his potty and ditching those stinky wet nappies.  He hasn’t yet been confident enough to use the potty but I do believe that, if we read this fab little book every night, we’ll get there in no time. This book has also been promoted to Luca’s bedtime read so it must be good, because not many make it to this exclusive collection! For more information on the Penwizard Potty Training Book and many more personalised books, you can find details at:

Penwizard Twitter

Penwizard Facebook

Penwizard Website   

*We received a copy of this book for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own*


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