Kokoso Baby – Coconut Oil

Last month I was contacted by Kokoso in relation to their baby skincare range. My contact at Kokoso explained the benefits of their product range and asked if this would be of interest to me and my family. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, everyone is going coco-nuts for coconut oil at the moment, so of course I agreed as I was really interested to sample the product.

I was very much looking forward to testing this range as there is nothing more sumptuous than applying a coconut moisturiser to your skin to make you feel holiday fresh and smooth.The natural benefits of this product which Kokoso promote were also something that really appealed to us as a family.

+ An amazing, all-natural body butter
+ A silky bottom balm
+ A heavenly baby massage oil
+ No added chemicals
+ Dermatologically tested
+ Suitable for sensitive skin
+ Baby-safe, BPA-free and a recyclable plastic pot

My son, Luca, is prone to dry skin patches on his elbows, tummy and the back of his knees and, most recently, his feet. This is largely because he has been barefoot in this current glorious weather, so I rubbed a little of the coconut oil onto the patches mentioned above and his skin felt amazing. This became a great game for Luca, as you can tell!


In the evening, after Luca’s bedtime bath, I rubbed a little Kokoso oil onto his tummy and feet before bed and this seemed to really relax him. The smell is absolutely divine, so much so, his key worker at nursery has commented that they love sniffing him when I’ve smeared it all over too! ha ha


Moving onto my hubby and I….well, where do I start!? I can never find the pot at bath or shower time because it’s usually in the hubby’s gym bag or wardrobe…shhhh don’t tell anyone but he is a full blown metrosexual. He loves a good moisturising session but lately has gone mad with this stuff – and I mean mad. Head to toe, his face is covered in it, even his feet after a shower, he can’t get enough of the stuff!

Whenever I can prize this gorgeous coconut oil away from my hubby, it is my little tub of heaven. I use it when I can’t find my lip-salve, which is pretty much all the time. I have actually transferred a little of this fab oil into a tiny old lip-salve pot, which I take out with me, and sometimes I rub a little blusher powder over my lips with it….and voila! Shiny gorgeous lip-gloss.

I also use it to remove my eye makeup. I apply a little around my eyes before bed most all specially-formulated eye moisturisers seem to irritate around the eye area for me as I have rather sensitive skin.

That’s not all, I shave with it too!!! Yes, I shave using it and my legs feel unbelievable afterwards. As stated above, I have sensitive skin, in particular my legs, and they always seem to get very irritated and rashy after shaving, but with this wonder oil, no rash!

Usually, before a night out, if I have shaved my legs and dried off, I apply some more coconut oil to my legs and the rest of my skin for the summer glow and fab summer freshness. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this product is and when they advertise ‘multipurpose’ they take the word to its absolute maximum.

So I have created my own list to add to the benefits that Kokoso Coconut oil offers:

+ A glossy lip-salve/lip-gloss
+ A gentle eye makeup remover
+ A protective oil to shave with
+ An all over body sheen oil
+ A foot lotion

Without doubt, THE best skincare product my family has ever used. It has the most amazing smell too and I would highly recommend you stock up!

Kokoso RRP – £7.99 – buy here from Kokoso or alternatively you can now order Kokoso from Boots

For more information about Kokoso and their amazing coconut oil visit their website > here

You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest so go ahead and give them a follow!

*This products was sent to me to review from Kokoso and all views are my own*

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