Alphabet Cards – The Appealing Rabbit

As most of you may already know, my son, Luca, is obsessed with letters and numbers and has been from a very early age. He was able to recite the alphabet from 18 months and can competently count from 1-100, so he is a very clever little boy for his age (3 in August).

Following on from his love of all things ‘alphabet’, Luca has now now started reading and writing so anything that would help aid his learning and development, but is also fun, is something we are keen to try. So last month were contacted by The Appealing Rabbit regarding their Alphabet Cards, I was excited to see how Luca would react when the parcel arrived. As you can tell, a certain someone was very excited an wouldn’t let me get a look in! In fact, I wasn’t allowed to get him changed until I’d played ‘the alphabet game’ with him.

The deck of colourful letter cards comes with a dry wipe (write on/wipe off) marker pen. This enables your child to trace the letters of the alphabet and then be able to wipe off immediately and practice again.

As you can see below, the cards are very colourful and very engaging – each one features a beautifully designed and creative letter with objects that promote the correct letter formation. All cards are write on, wipe off, making them reusable.

Within the pack there is also a score card which allows your child to gain/log points for correctly tracing over the letter on the card, which is fab.     The letters are also great fun to use as a spelling game, like scrabble. Luca spelled out the word, ‘joy’.


For the next hour, I didn’t hear a peep out of my son, which is something close to a miracle. He was just lay on the floor with his cards and pen – and was thoroughly enjoying himself, tracing out all of the letters.

He told me his favourite letter was ‘G’ as it had a water slide on the picture. He had fun tracing the movement of the letter down the water slide. It occurred to me that, even if your child isn’t as obsessive with numbers as mine, this would be a great way to get them interested in their ABCs.

IMG_8275-0 Luca is getting a lot of practice now and his drawing of letters (shaping and forming) is coming along nicely. This ‘N’ definitely earned him a point on the score card.

The RRP for this product is £9.90 but if you purchase multiple packs then there is a significant discount. If I was searching for an educational game – whether this would be for my son or as a gift – I would probably search for gifts under £10.00 so this price is definitely set at an affordable cost.

In summary, we love this Alphabet Card Game and we think the concept is great, educational but also retaining the fun and imaginative element of learning. The illustrations are amazing too and I bet they would look great on a canvas/wooden blocks/toy box to spell out your child’s name.

An immaculate and magical little game.

For more information about Alphabet Cards, visit: The Appealing Rabbit and you can also view this lovely little intro over on YouTube: The Appealing Rabbit You Tube Intro Film 

We were sent The Appealing Rabbit Alphabet Card Game to review. All views are my own.


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