Bennetts For Babies Skincare Range

Last month I was contacted by Bennetts in relation to their baby skincare range. My contact at Bennetts explained the benefits of their product range and asked would this be of interest to me and my family. At the time my son, Luca, had a few dry patches on his elbows and also on the back of his knees, along with a slight rough texture to his forearms, so we were delighted to sample the product range. We had a large number of products to choose from but we opted for the following (below) as we felt these were the most suitable for our family.


The Travel Buddy is a fab handy pack that can be used ‘on the go’. In fact we actually leave this pack in the family car as it’s really useful for the school run. We use the wipes for the “snot and sneeze face” that you are never quite prepared for, and the inevitable toothpaste stain on your child’s shirt. The Bum Cream is also very handy and I often leave this pack in my son’s nursery bag for the times when he wakes up with nappy rash. This is a much better solution than sending a full tub of cream which usually ends up misplaced at nursery. Its a fab little portable pack then can be used on the go.


We also opted for the fragrance-free Aqueous Bath Drops, and added a few drops to Luca’s bath. His skin felt absolutely amazing afterwards so I also added a few drops to my bath – and my skin also felt lovely and smooth.


The third item we chose from Bennetts product range was the Baby Aqueous Cream. This cream was also fragrance free and was very easy to apply. I applied the cream to dry patches on my son’s skin over the course of a month and I have seen a great improvement. I wish these products would have been made available to me sooner! Both my hubby and I also have very dry, cracked hands – so we also applied this whenever they felt particularly dry, which has made a huge difference to the both of us and most definitely stopped any further cracking of our skin.

A very good set of products which I would highly recommend.

Travel Buddy RRP – £4.99

Baby Aqueous Cream (Fragrance Free) – £3.99

Aqueous Bath Drops – £3.99

These products were sent to me to review from Bennetts and all views are my own.


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