Trendy Tot Thursday

As we all know, when we want kids to perform we shout “say cheeeeeese” and your child laughs and runs off with snot all over their face saying, “no Mummy”. So the day these pictures were taken, it was totally by accident. We were on our way for Sunday lunch at our local pub and Luca decided to try and do a runner by sprinting around the car park. I have to say it was making me giggle lots, seeing his Dad legging it around the car park – so of course I decided to take some pictures of them. The car park is being developed so it looks a sodding mess but we think Luca looked particularly cute and trendy in these pics and lots of people asked where his shirt and shoes were from, so we thought we would share the details with you.


Luca’s coat was purchased from Sainsbury’s Tu range (by his Uncle Craig) last year. I think this cost around £20.00. This coat is fab because it’s very lightweight and you can detach the hood, so it can be worn throughout the year.


Luca’s shirt was purchased from Monsoon when he was only a few months old as I fell in love with the design (cute little camper vans). Every time Luca wears this shirt, people comment on it.  On this this particular day, two people asked where they could buy it from. The shirt was £25.00, which is probably a lot for a toddler shirt, but I just couldn’t resist it.

imageJust doing a spin in the carpark – ha ha

Luca’s jeans are from H&M and we have a few pairs of these in various colours as they are a great fit and soft material. These retail at £10.00 per pair. Luca’s shoes are from Next and cost £15.99 (winter season). These are slip-on but with a lovely lace detail too.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Trendy Tot post and hopefully you will see Luca and I at this link-up a lot more often now that i’m getting to grips with this blogging lark 😉

Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more information as I am sure they’d love to say hi too!

Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex


7 thoughts on “Trendy Tot Thursday

  1. Ahh I love the shirt! My boy has the hoodie from the same range at Monsoon, it is pricey but so worth it! And the coat looks super-cool too, I am pleasantly surprised by the TU range! #TT_thursday xx


    • Thanks, Bex. Luca always receives fab comments about this shirt. It’s been slightly stained by a homemade curry now though so it’s been demoted to a nursery shirt but I still love seeing him in it. Love sharing #TT_Thursday 🙂 x


  2. I think Sydney and Luca are destined to be soulmates… They are both such stylish insomniac divas, hahaha! Luca is so cute. The shirt is amazing – I’d have splurged too, though I’d have pretended it was £5 in the same 😛 You have a few lessons to learn in stealth shopping M’dear! #TT_thursday


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