Crich Tramway – Soft-play Area

Whilst it might not be your first instinct to entertain your toddler with a day out amongst the trams, we stepped back in time to the Crich Tramway Museum and were pleasantly surprised by how charming this hidden gem was.

The whole Tramway site feels more like a living recreation of mid-century Britain than a museum, but it was the toddler facilities which we went to explore; namely their soft-play area. Having experienced a few soft-plays in his two years, from the good, bad and the downright awful, my son seemed to enjoy this one more than most.


The soft-play areas are well sectioned into older/younger compounds and, whilst the building itself seems rather understated, the play area ticked all the boxes for the wee ones. It is small but perfectly formed. My son adored the ball pit area (we couldn’t get him out of there) and the whole centre is laid out so that parents can sit directly at the side of the mats and have a coffee whilst the children go off and enjoy themselves.







It is quite small so if you are expecting a ‘wacky warehouse’ or ‘jungle play centre’ where you can spend the day, then this might not be for you. But if you want to visit the village and make a day of it, then it’s a fantastic addition to the whole Tramway site.

Oh and don’t miss Rita’s Tea Rooms. It is opposite the play area and has some lovely cakes and snacks for the young ones. There is also an outdoor play area for older children, ice cream parlours, the Red Lion Pub and the chance to experience/ride the trams. Top Tip:  Try one of Rita’s Tea Room’s homemade pies!


I was asked to review the softplay area on behalf of the Derbyshire Times back in July of last year but there is also lots of exciting stuff to do this year, so please check out their 2015 events calendar.


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