Trendy Tot Thursday

I said, ‘give me your best pose’ and this is what I got!! – Mick Jagger ha ha


The outfit Luca is wearing is a NFL/American Apparel ‘Raiders’ T-shirt which we bought from Designer Kidz at McCarthur Glen Retail Outlet (it also came with a pair of long black shorts) and this set retails at £20.00 – Oh and that’s a piece of popcorn on the floor. The little monkey had been sniffing around the cupboards in the kitchen before we left for the park.


Luca’s red trousers are from H&M and cost £10, these are very soft and he has the same pair but in mustard. As you can tell, Luca is in desperate need of a haircut, any recommendations on keeping him calm and not freaking out during the cut would be greatly appreciated. He is currently known as ‘mullet boy’ so a haircut is well over-due.


We are just going to the park in this photo so we popped Luca’s old Adidas hightops on as they are very comfy and soft. These were also from McCarthur Glen Retail Park, the Adidas shop, and the RRP was £25.99


We then put Luca into a basic hoodie from Sainsbury’s Tu range which was £5 in the sale. They also have this hoodie in red, its a really nice fabric and a very good price. Euuww, the front door and windows need a good clean and varnish, any offers?


Over the top of his fleece, Luca is wearing a FireTrap bodywarmer which was also purchased from Designer Kidz at McCarthur Glen. This was £30.00 last Christmas but he has only just grown into it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Trendy Tot post and hopefully you will see Luca and I at this link-up a lot more often now that i’m getting to grips with this blogging lark 😉

Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more information as I am sure they’d love to say hi too!

Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex


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