Breast-feeding: ‘breast is (not necessarily) best’

*ARCHIVE POST- Breast-feeding: ‘breast is (not necessarily) best’


In the beginning, I was determined to give breast-feeding a go, to give my baby the ‘best start in life’ as per the ‘wagging finger’ of the countless NHS pamphlets. I was going to be the natural earth Mother.

The day I gave birth, I’d had approximately 5 hours sleep in 5 days and it was the breastfeeding specialist who was first to greet me that morning. She squeezed my boobs, demonstrated how best to get my baby to latch on and discussed expressing into bottles. Everything became very real at this point.

So in attempt to become earth Mother, of course I gave breastfeeding a go. It was uncomfortable and something wasn’t right. My son wouldn’t latch on properly and the next two weeks were so painful (not to mention exhausting) as I persevered with the natural method, but ‘breast is best’ wasn’t working. He had become mildly dehydrated…

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