Trendy Tot Thursday (15/03/15)

Today, we have been to see ‘Nana and Gan-dad’ to drop off a lovely bunch of flowers and card for Mother’s Day. Nana wanted a cuddle, Luca wanted an apple – and then soon disappeared to play on their garden.

Luca told me the apple was his friend and he was showing him round the garden – ha ha

An apple a day keeps Luca out to play
An apple a day keeps Luca out to play

Luca is wearing his funky Adidas Hightop Trainers. These trainers are fab as there are no laces to mess about with, just a velcro strap. We bought these a couple of months ago from Deichmann, Intu Derby. They were in the sale for £19.99, so a great bargain.

We bought Luca’s jeans from H&M some time ago but he has only just grown into them. They were £10.00, so once again, a great price. Luca’s checked shirt is Ralph Lauren and his Jacket is Rocawear. I purchased these two items from a second hand designer kids clothing shop, called ‘Little Treasures’, last year. This shop was amazing, really good quality designer clothes but unfortunately it has since closed down. I was also able to sell some of Luca’s clothes that he had grown out of, and this then enabled me to buy some new clothes and pre-loved toys. It’s a real shame as I don’t like spending too much on toddler clothing as, all parents will testify, nice clothes don’t stay nice for long, so this is a rare glimpse at some items that aren’t covered in spaghetti sauce, stickers and snot.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Trendy Tot post and hopefully you will see Luca and I at this link-up a lot more often, now that i’m getting to grips with this blogging lark 😉

Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more information as I am sure they’d love to say hi too!

Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex

6 thoughts on “Trendy Tot Thursday (15/03/15)

  1. Hey, and WELCOME to Trendy Tot Thursday. Loving Luca’s outfit he looks very grown up. Like yourself I also don’t like spending a fortune on my kids clothing for the same reason as they never stay clean, even with my 5 year old this is a lived by rule. My kids are mainly clothed in George, sometimes making it as far as Next. Thank you for joining us #TT_Thursday


  2. What a lovely outfit – I love the way the checked shirt matches the pattern on the hoodie. Nice colous clashing going on there too 🙂 I like some designer clothes too, but generally try not to spend too much on kids clothes, generally opt for nice less expensive things like Benetton or maybe Next. #tt_thursday


    • Thank you. We often get items from Next too as we have a factory outlet close by. I agree, it’s not worth spending a fortune on designer clothes for them to get trashed. His nursery clothes usually consist of a t-shirt from a pack of 3 – Matalan or Tesco and very old jeans that probably have a stain or two on them as they will just get covered/ruined at nursery!😆


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