#BakerDays – Letterbox Valentines Cake

Yes, I don’t mind admitting it, I have a huge cake habit. In fact my diet usually consist of 50% cake and 50% meals with the family. Cake has been a great friend to me, especially when I stopped smoking over 3 years ago… it has almost become a substitute for me. I am very particular about the cake I purchase, much to the annoyance of my husband and experiencing bad cake this will often to lead to a bad day.
Then along comes the request from Baker Days to review their letterbox sized Valentines Cake, so what did I do? I jumped at the chance and yelled “eeeeeek CAKE!”. I also took this opportunity to inform my husband, “take note, this is something you should do for me on all occasions, you would most definitely be my good books” ha ha.

(Incidentally, he still hasn’t appeared to have processed this information).

Anyway, I logged into https://www.bakerdays.com/categories/personalised/valentines and found an extensive range of Valentines Day designs to choose from, along with the following options to select your cake of choice: Sponge Cake, Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake – made only with Belgian Chocolate, Fruit Cake, Gluten Wheat Free Cake and Dairy Free cakes. I opted for the Sponge Cake but I would also like to try the Choc Chip Sponge cake (*another futile hint to hubby*).

My letterbox cake arrived safely and securely in a very sturdy cardboard box. I must admit I was very dubious of whether a cardboard package would adequately protect my precious cargo from damage – but the gorgeous blue cake tin allowed for extra protection and so, with much excitement, I opened the box; letting out a little squeal as I reveled in my little party for one.

#bakerdays cake box delivery
#bakerdays cake box delivery

Not only was there cake, there were also 2 candles, a small card, balloons and a party whistle. I was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait to tuck into the cake, it was SO appealing. As you can see, the cake design is amazing, with gorgeous cute birds (I chose this particular style/design as it reminded me of Twitter, another passion of mine) but the personal touch (with my name added) also made it feel very special. Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

The husband was working overseas when the cake arrived, which meant the majority of this bundle of joy was all mine (bar the sliver I allowed my son to sample). Seeing as he was my first-born, he was also allowed to briefly pick at some of my icing, which we both loved. The cake tasted AMAZING, it was lovely and light with a little cream on the underneath and the icing just melted in your mouth. This cake came at just the right time, as my hubby was away, the toddler was put to bed, I put the kettle on and devoured a slice each night. This cake definitely made me one happy Mummy that week.

Letterbox Gift Cake £14.99 RRP 3-4 portions 5 inch cakes (12cm x 2.5cm)

Letterbox Gift Cake £14.99 RRP
3-4 portions 5 inch cakes (12cm x 2.5cm)

Hubby, if you are reading this please remember how much I love cake. Please see my earlier cake-related hints and heed the following statement which I have said to you on many occasions, “Who wants flowers when you can have cake?”

(I won’t hold my breath). 

Please also note that personalised birthday cakes can be ordered along with individual cup cakes, see links below:



All I can say is, Bakerdays, welcome to the family! 🙂
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4 thoughts on “#BakerDays – Letterbox Valentines Cake

  1. Hooray to BakerDays for making your solo parenting week a little easier! And shame on you for not sharing with me! 😉 it looks good, though so I suppose I can’t blame you really!


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