Social Media Parenting

For new mums, it can be very difficult to find the right help and guidance to suit you and your new family. As we are always told, there isn’t a manual for parenting; so in some ways the majority of your decisions will ultimately be based on your maternal instincts.

But before you can tap into this sixth sense, you will be force-fed so much information from all kinds of preparatory services that you may feel overloaded.

Before my son arrived, I attended antenatal classes, gratefully received all of the baby books in the East Midlands and was given ongoing advice from our midwife. Whilst some of this advice seemed useful, I needed a way of filtering the most practical information and, to seek this help, I turned to social media: Twitter.

Twitter became my best friend and, no matter what time of day or night, there would always be a like-minded mum or dad that was experiencing (or had experienced) the same stages as I was going through. These people were living the same problems as I was – in real time. When your baby projectile vomits at 2.30 in the morning, it is very difficult to recall the 2,500 page NHS guidance on possible causes. But I knew that the contacts I had made on Twitter were also (or had also) been through the same thing and their reassurance was invaluable.

No matter how many books I read, or how many ‘specialists’ I spoke to, I was never more comforted than when I was talking to like-minded mums and dads on Twitter, who were telling me that “they grow out of that” or “we had the same thing last week and my little one is fine”.

I appreciate the hard work and dedication of all the professional support you are afforded as an expecting and/or new mum, but I found that speaking to other people in similar circumstances on Twitter to be the most supportive process of all.

So yes, always use your parenting instincts and seek advice from family, friends and your professional support workers – but I would personally recommend that you explore social media too.

Oh and a big thanks to @TheMotherGeek


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