In the beginning……

Before I spiral into the gory details, may I get the disclaimer out of the way. That my son is the most incredible thing that has happened to me.

So where to start? Well first there was the birth (contractions from Mon-Friday (yes, they don’t cover that marathon in the antenatal classes), then 24hrs of labour, gas and air, a hovering hubby (no, I don’t want a chicken Tikka sandwich whilst I’m 6 inches dilated) and the rotation of nurses, midwives, work-experience trainees and anyone else who passed by.

I’ll spare you the birth details. It was a blur of pushing, sweating and politely refusing chicken Tikka sandwiches.

As a new mum, there is a constant myriad of decisions. ‘Breast is best’ (our breast-feeding experience lasted 2 weeks as I wasn’t producing enough). What formula is best? Why does the breastfeeding specialist insist on wiring me up to some sort of antique milking machine??

What is the right nursery?  A tough decision as you only want the best for your child. But what is ‘best’? My observations were as follows: always turn up unannounced. You want to see the nursery as you would when you leave you child there for the day, not on ‘presentation day’.

Do the staff and children seem happy? Are the rooms bright, spacious and airy? What is the outside space like? The most import advice I can offer here is … use your instinct! Ultimately, you’ll find that intangible ‘vibe’ is the only factor you’ll use to make your decisions. Trust it.


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